Simplify Your Automation and Pipelines

TestRay is a Ruby gem used to run YAML-based automation tests, using Selenium and Appium. While originally compatible only with Android, in its current iteration it can also automate iOS, web, Windows and Mac applications - and with multi-platform support!

Simplify your automation

How does it work?

This CLI tool works thanks to easy-to-read YAML files, which are on their way to becoming our “development” language for such cases. With these YAML files, you will be able to create cases/steps and sets, and they can run any kind of workflow that you could think of.

These are some of the great features of the TestRay automation tool:

  • Easy to create automation pipelines based on command lines, API calls, and UI automation
  • Simple setup for your automation needs
  • Fast implementation of multiple drivers running in parallel (Android/iOS/Desktop running in parallel for the same test case)
  • Built-in Cucumber reporting
  • Clear logging in a terminal and log files
  • Easy installation
How it works

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